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We are
a movement

that advocates the use of genetic modification technologies in the agri-food value chain.

We encourage the application of science to contribute in the building of a more resilient food system that can overcome the sustainability and inequality challenges the planet faces today:


10 Billion

by 2050 (+40% growth) alt

15% of GHG

comes from food alt

40% of

used for feed alt

hottest decade

in 125,000 years (climate change) alt

What is GM?

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) refer to yeast, bacteria, fungi and cultivated crops developed using methods other than natural mating. The approach of precise genetic engineering that enables sustainable production of healthier food has been around since the 1980s. Since then, billions of microbes, crop seeds, and plants produced using recombinant methods and technologies have been grown to produce medicines and the food we eat.

What is GM?

Our planet’s health

depends on us finding better ways to produce healthy and nutritious food. GM technologies can help produce superior food choices for all -especially vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians- and present the opportunity to access to highly nutritious and delicious products.

vaccine GM4GOOD

GM in Pharma

As you are reading this, people are getting vaccinated all over the world by GM vaccines to fight COVID-19. Same thing happens when they use GM insulin to keep their diabetes in control to lead a normal healthy life. Just as GM in Pharma has improved our lives, GM in food is bound to ensure a safer and plentiful future.

of believers

We are scientists, doctors, professors, universities, companies, NGOs, and consumers that truly believe in the benefits of GM for good reasons.


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